Throughout the Bible, we are called to meditate, contemplate, ponder, and reflect on God’s word. The Bible Meditation & Mindfulness Journal is designed for that purpose. It includes the six steps for Bible meditation. These are simple steps that anyone can do, and they are all found in the Bible. You can choose your favorite scriptures, or you can work your way through a book of the Bible one short passage at a time. There are also 60 suggested meditation scriptures in the back of the journal.

Bible Meditation & Mindfulness Journal

Is meditation for Christians? Yes, Bible meditation an ancient practice found in the Bible. Even Jesus encouraged his disciples to contemplate spiritual things and reflect on God. Meditation and mindfulness is a powerful spiritual discipline that can help you renew your mind, gain insights into the scriptures, strengthen your faith, and grow closer to God.

Format: 7″ x 10″ paperback, 130 pages.


Reading the book, Bible Meditation & Mindfulness first is very helpful. The book will give you an in-depth look at the six steps for Bible meditation. Each step has a different focus. Understanding the steps will help you engage your heart and connect more deeply with God. The Bible Meditation & Mindfulness Journal includes the steps and questions, but without any explanation of the steps.

The companion journal is a great supplement to the book. It will give you continued guidance and help you to develop good meditation habits.