Virginia Lefler, author of Bible Meditation & Mindfulness

Bible Meditation & Mindfulness

When I first began to study and practice meditation, I found there are many different ideas about what it is and how to do it. I read books and took classes, but I was still struggling to understand meditation. I knew the Bible mentioned meditation, but I had never looked in-depth at this topic from a biblical point of view. So, I began a thorough Bible study on Bible meditation & mindfulness. I was very surprised to discover that the Bible not only tells us that we should meditate and why, it also tells us what to meditate on. I also discovered that the Bible gives us direction on how to meditate.

The 6 steps for Bible meditation that I share in Bible Meditation & Mindfulness and the companion journal are the result of this study. These steps are all found in the Bible, and they are simple steps that anyone can do.

I became a huge fan of Bible meditation. The benefits are tremendous. It has helped me fall more and more in love with God and has given me a greater peace and confidence in my walk with God.

It has also helped me to experience the deeply personal nature of the scriptures on a daily basis. It is my hope that you too can experience the many blessings of Bible meditation.

Silverday Press

I founded Silverday Press in 2003 to publish my first book, A Gentle & Quiet Spirit. I also wrote Pursuing Purity and Spiritual Beauty, and co-authored the book, Spiritual Discovery – 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth and the online course,

Jim & Virginia Lefler

I persuaded my husband, Jim, to write a book on his favorite topic – God’s grace. I published his book, The Complete Guide to Grace in 2008. His book is the result of a 7-year study. It is one of my all-time favorite books. 

Every time I’ve read it, I have an overwhelming sense of how God is bigger, kinder, and closer than I’ve ever imagined.

Jim has been an integral part of Silverday Press. He develops our websites and helps me with all the details of putting a book together.

Since there is so much interest in meditation today, Jim and I wanted to devote an entire website to Bible meditation. We hope to keep adding resources, so please stop by again. It is our hope that you find helpful resources and that you will share with others what you find.